The Swiss Army CodeNinja

Its been a while since I have vented my spleen on here about the things that go on at the Asylum.  So I thought I would take some time out and have a little “Vent“.

I was originally hired at the Asylum as a Developer, and advanced my way up the ranks to Head of Development, then after an asylum wide reshuffle I relocated to the Systems Department as a Linux Sys.Admin.

Now I occasionally get thrown small development jobs are are complicated or in a rush, which is fine as we all like to help each other out. Only now its getting a bit silly.

I’m thrown Dev job after Dev job and told theres more coming in (am I a dev again?)

Then “Oh can you just make some android apps for layar?” (I know nothing about phone dev, and not done any programing in many many years)

Followed by “I’ve ordered a Mac Mini, so you can start on making some layar based iPhone apps now” (Ignoring the facts 1)I’ve never used a mac 2)I know nothing about using mac’s or mac software & 3) I know nothing about programing iPhones)

Now I’ve been asked to take part in a conference call to deal with a customer who’s website is bringing down the windows server its hosted on to discuss best ways of resolving these issues. (err I barley use Windows as a user unless I really have to, and that’s normal windows, I know nothing about Windows servers. I think our Windows Server guy would have been a better choice for this call)

And that’s just this week.

So here I am, your friendly neighbourhood Swiss-army CodeNinja


Modern Warfare Camping V Ruining

Modern Warfare2 (MW2) is the sixth instalment in the Call of Duty (COD) Series. And its a game I’ve been playing a bit of recently, since it is the lowest common denominator among the group of :- PlanetPete, CampyPhil, MIAdave, StabbyJason & Myself. And since we’ve been playing private matches a lot, I’ve been plying TDM online to unlock better weapons/perks.

Playing online I have noticed the voice channel is now mostly filled with insults, threats, and abuse (a lot more than it ever used to be). And its all aimed in the same direction. Against anyone staying in one spot  (Camping) or using sniper rifles, or scopes, thermal, claymores, or any tactic or action that is not just running around with a high unlocked gun and shooting (Run N’ Gun)

Now the main contention seems to be, that if you do anything other than Run N’ Gun you are 1)Cheating, 2)Not playing the Game correctly, 3)Scum, 4)A noob, 5)INSERT ANY DEROGATORY TERM, 6)Not worth playing with, 7)etc.  And you should just quit playing the game since your cheating is ruining it for everyone else.All this with more filth and swear words than I ever heard working on building sites.

This abuse has got me thinking. If snipers, scopes, thermal, are cheating and are not to be used then why does the game have these weapons, accessories, & perks? Why in the default class list you are given is there a sniper? since you can not Run N’ Gun with a sniper rifle?

Also why is anyone not doing the Run N’ Gun wrong? the game is set up to handle multiple types of game play. Some people like running about and shooting when they see people mindlessly, where as other people prefer the more stealthy killing of snipers, knives, etc.  Why is either one wrong? the games Modern Warfare, and warfare has many ways?

So can we please just accept everyone plays games in different ways, and just get along, If you keep getting killed by a Camper when you run into one building, stop running in, try throwing a grenade, or run about another part of the map.

The one that gets me is I’ve seen some of these people who verbally abuse campers until they quit the game, hide in a corner and shoot people then a bit later run to a different corner and hide to shoot people, well is that not “Camping“?

So people, we are all gamers, lets learn to play nice together, and if it really bugs you people using the weapons, perks, & tactics the game providers, then maybe you should find a different FPS that does not have those weapons and go play there, and let those of us who don’t mind what tactics people use to be able to play the game without listening to the abuse.


I’m adding this out of fairness, I do like the sniper in COD, I like sneaky, stealthy, clever kills. I like using my brain, and I remember my ACF training, “see without being seen, kill without being killed“. But saying that, I have 1of5 classes set up as a sniper, the other 4 are run n’ gun classes, so I play both, and I don’t mind what other people do.

Hell, maybe we should start accusing those with huge HD TV’s as cheating as they can see better than those with small old TV’s?

“Root Root” Said the Droid

The latest toy useful tool at the Ninja Temple is a nice little 7inch Android tablet. Now, being new to the Android OS, it was not long before the question was raised. “Is it as easy to Root a ‘Droid as it is to Jailbreak an iPhone?

It was not long after this question was asked that we put life & limb on the line (well we risked bricking the new toy tool) to find out the answer. For those of you interested its Stupidly easy.

This is a walk-through of how we rooted out 7inch scroll tablet (and unlike the iPhone Walk-through no beer was involved).


Happy Birthday Geek Legend William Shatner

Born:William Alan Shatner; March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

William Shatner Star of Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Shit my Dad Says, Tek War, Boston Legal (& The Practice), And way too many other things to list here turns 80 today. Yes that’s right Kirk is 80, and I wish I look as young/good when I hit 80.

So we here at the Ninja Temple want to wish one of the big names in the Geek world a Very Happy 80th Birthday, and we look forward to seeing you on our TV’s for many more years.


OK. What happened there then? 6Nations EndCap

So Yesterday was the final set of matches for the six nations rugby.

Match 1: Scotland managed to end their loosing streak, and win against Italy pushing Italy into last place and saving themselves from the wooden spoon.

Match 2:Ireland put a stop to England’s chance of getting the GrandSlam by trashing them.

So a good show by the two other Celtic Sides, so it was just up to Wales to perform well and get the hatrick for the Celts.

Now, Wales went into the match in second place overall. They had a chance to win the six nations if they beast France by 27 points. They would remain in second place overall with any score from winning by 26 points, to loosing by 9. So we were playing for 1st or 2nd place.

And what happened? Wales happened, and we left the game in fourth place.

I ended up having to drown my sorrows with beer and a bit of good on-line COD with a good friend.