Greetings & Salutations Dear Reader. I have finally sorted out my list of 12 challenges for the 12 months of 2012.

The List. (More details given below the list).

  1. Blog Post’s: Write at least one post a week for the whole year.
  2. New Car: Get a new Car.
  3. Hosting: Move all my hosting, email & DNS to my virtual machine.
  4. Published: Get myself Published.
  5. A House: Own my own Home.
  6. Revenue Stream: Get extra revenue stream.
  7. Weight Loss: Lose some weight.
  8. Data Management: Sort out all my electronic data.
  9. Self Improvement: Learn a new Skill.
  10. Paper: Write a Sensible Paper.
  11. Laziness: Complete 12 Projects/Tasks from the Unfinished/ToDo Lists.
  12. New Things: Do/Try at least one new thing every month.

Blog Posts:

Due to a recent lack of enthusiasm I have not been posting anywhere near as often as I should, or that I would like. This needs to be rectified.

Challenge: Write at least one post a week for the whole year.

Target: At least one post a week.


New Car:

I have been putting off getting a new car for “a while” now, and my current one is getting a bit expensive to run with the current exuberant UK prices of  £1Trillion/Gallon. So its time to get something more economical that a 2litre 4×4.

Challenge: Get a new car.

Target: Have a new car.



I have been moving my Domains/Hosting/Email/DNS away from their current place for roughly four years. I know four years is a long time, but I keep putting it off or getting distracted. Well enough is enough, its time to get organised.

Challenge: Move all my hosting, email & DNS to my virtual machine.

Target: Have everything moved to my own hosting.



I know some of you (Naming no names) have been hassling me almost since first knowing me to actually get around to writing and finishing a book. And believe my, my parents have been doing it for even longer (Stupid fortune teller). So This is the year of acting not talking.

Challenge: Get myself Published.

Target: At least one eBook on sale on Amazon (and other places)


A House:

Simple one. I wish a nice house with a small garden and off-road parking.

Challenge: To get my own House.

Target: Own my own Home.


Revenue Stream:

I like money, Money funds my computer game habit, not to mention my love (or need) of new toys. So I would like extra incoming money seperate to my day to day job. Especially with things like houses & car’s on my 12in12 list. So I need new ways of making money.

Challenge: Get extra revenue stream.

Target: Have the framework in place to make money, and earn a token £10 to show the process is in place.


Weight Loss:

All these three course meals when away visiting, combined with my current lazynes and lack of enthusiasm have added a few unwanted pounds. So Its time to loose a bit of this excess weight.

Challenge: Lose some weight.

Target: Drop a jeans size.


Data Management:

I have over the years dumped data on my machines into “To Sort” folders to be dealt with at a later time, Or backed up dying machines for later recovery. I currently have over 500Gig of data scattered about waiting “to be sorted”. And I can no longer find things I need easily. Not to mention the three personal document shares I have. I think its time to get ORGANISED.

Challenge: Sort out all my electronic data.

Target: Have ZERO files waiting to be sorted out.


Self Improvement:

I am not improving myself, and have not for a while. I honestly can not remember the last time I learned any new skills. Brain the size of a planet and I do nothing with it. Time to improve myself.

Challenge: Learn a new Skill.

Target: Learn a new skill.



I have been considering joining a group, the main reason I will probably not join it for many years is that it only meets in London or Leeds, and you must attend several times a year. Which may be impossible with work commitments, but I am still considering it. Now one of the main admission requirements is to write a several thousand (I forget the exact number) word paper, which will be read out at one of their meetings, and your admission is voted on based on your paper. I am curious if I could write one, So decided to try.

Challenge: Write a sensible paper.

Target: To write a none fiction paper of several thousand words.



Laziness is an illness, along with lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Well it’s not good for me, and I plan to fight back slowly, not with guns and knives (mainly as the doctors do not let me have them any more) But by doing. So I will grab things of the long lists of projects to finish, or start and try and get a load complete this year.

Challenge: Complete 12 Projects/Tasks from the Unfinished/ToDo Lists.

Target: To complete 12 projects.

New Things:

its 2012. The end of times, the start of times. So just in case the world does end this year (Hey cover all bases), I shall Try/Do some new things.

Challenge: Do/Try at least one new thing every month.

Target: Do/Try at least one new thing every month.

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