Another month has gone by, and so it is time to look back and see how I am doing. Yes, I know technically this post was written in the future and back-dated to when it should have been. It’s not my fault, it’s all the fault of the EvilGothGnome.

1: Blog Post’s: Write at least one post a week for the whole year.

Well there was four weeks in March and according to the “Posts” tab in that time there was Six posts, slightly down from last month. So I guess that fills that requirement.

8: Data Management: Sort out all my electronic data.

I Now have one 1.5Tb external hard drive attached to my NAS that is fully organised. Time to move onto the next disk.

12: New Things: Do/Try at least one new thing every month.

What new things Did I do in Mar? I went to my first “Welsh Night” in a Lodge, and took part in one of the 1st Lectures (Which was also the first time I had seen any of the Lectures)

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