Greetings. Well I guess if I intend to stick to this 12 in 12 challenge I really should keep track of how I am doing. Or I will just wait until the end of December and just go “I did stuff!! go me!!!” So I will try and keep a running check on what and how I am doing.

So here is the update for January.

1: Blog Post’s: Write at least one post a week for the whole year.

There was four weeks in January, and I posted four times, SO I am on track with this challenge.
4: Published: Get myself Published.

Not really done much work on this one, except to install and try out some new writing software that is designed to make it easier to write & format ebooks.

7: Weight Loss: Lose some weight.

Well Since Jan 1st I have lost a couple of pounds, and as such I am counting them as work towards this one. The plan to actually loose weight starts this month.

12: New Things: Do/Try at least one new thing every month.

New things. What did I do in January that I have never done before.

I responded on behalf of the Visitors for the first time ever (Thanks P&C)

I also attended a Burns night for the first time, with the piper and the haggis and the works. So thats technically two new things, lets see if I can keep it up.

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