Eleven years ago today I was on a training course when I got a SMS telling me to watch the News ASAP. Well I was at a training centre without any TV or Radio, and their internet connection was being flaky. But I managed to jury-rig a computer with an internal modem via their fax line to get online (Well I was not doing much in the course at that minute) And I watched replays of the planes flying into the sides of the Twin Towers over and over as the western world stood unified in shock.

This was the first act of international terrorism on US Soil, and it was big. Possibly the biggest terrorist attack recorded. Lets be honest it changed the World as we know it. IT kicked off the “War on Terror”. Security procedures were changed and tightened across the globe. Hell you can not get on an American plane any more without an invasive body scan.

The biggest change to the Americans was the loss of that “safe feeling” you get being a long way from any war zone, or trouble spot. It even affected us in the UK and we were used to terrorist attacks from years dealing with the IRA.

We are now eleven years on, which seems an important anniversary being the “11th 9-11” and we are still fighting the War on Terror, our troops are still being killed fighting the same organisation that did the cowardly attack on the Twin Towers. A lot of people say the loss of life is not worth it, we should just pull out and leave them be.

Personally I don’t think we can, If we want to regain the feeling of being safe and prevent future generations having to deal with an event like 9/11 We need to finish this now. But no more “Mr Niceguy” They fight with acts of terror, they use bobby traps, they arm kids, they use human shields, They do every cowardly evil thing they can, and that is why eleven years on we are still fighting. You can not use standard gentleman’s rules of warfare against such people.

I say we pull out and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.