I have along with @DemonPengu decided to take part in a 100 Day Challenge. It’s not The 100 day challenge (Because we missed that) But A 100 day challenge. Basically there has been a bit of Writers Block, Artistic Avoidance, and a general all round lack of enthusiasm in the Office of late. So after spotting the challenge online, we decided we would do our own in an attempt to restart the creative juices flowing. So a day was picked “Monday 12th September” as Day 1: and for the next 100 days we will both be doing a creative thing a day.

As with The challenge the creative thing can be, drawings, art, poetry, writing, anything as long as its creative (and one piece a day)

To save this blog getting spammed I have created a dedicated site for the challenge at http://100days.three-ninjas.co.uk. I will (probably) post weekly updates on here, but the daily progress will be on the dedicated site.

So everyone wish me luck, and words of encouragement welcome, for I can not let the DemonPenguin Win!

Note: It also helps that we are both “slightly” competitive over these things, and neither will want to be the first to fail, which will help encourage us to complete the challenge.

Let Battle Commence

@DemonPengu's Day 1 awesome kickoff.

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