This weekend I went a wandering. Well not really far wanderings, but wanderings nether the less. And wanderings covering two countries (Three if you count Bala as its own country) So I thought I was share my wanderings to you dear Readers (And it helps me remember where I was, and what I was doing).


Late Saturday afternoon I went to visit PlanetPete, Well it was later than originally planned due to a slight incident requiring me to cut my super-glued fingers apart (Yes! I know apparently nail-varnish remover, or similar will wash off the glue easy, but I’m male, I use a knife, and the bigger the knife the better). Now before you start wondering about my personal space-craft which I may or may not have reverse engineered from the UFO crash in the hills near Corwen, I shall point out PlanetPete is currently located in the English land known as Chester.

I eventually made it with a fully working set of fingers with no cuts at all, rang the doorbell with a cheerful greeting of “Avon Calling” only to get door slammed shut in my face. *dejected Arr* I tried again without the Avon catalogue that I’d found on the floor, and my second attempt got me into the building, Where I was set upon by Cerberus and the hounds of hell themselves! Or Jeff, Indie, & Hunni Who seemed pleased to see me, like they had not seen me in years. Well they hadn’t really, and Indie had never met me before. Luckily they are all great dogs, and the change in Jeff from the days when he used to work in the Insane Asylum is remarkable.

After the important greetings were out the way, I was able to greet the Human occupants, grab a coffee and make it to a chair sit down and relax while the dogs brought their toys to show me, and competed for attention (But in a behaved way). The humans then got a chance to catch up, see how everyone was getting along, what was new in the world. Commiserations were given to H for having to work on a Saturday, The light was pointed out as still waiting on us getting around to correcting the design oversight we built it with err too many years ago. (Sheeeesh! Wheres the time gone?) Food was set up to start cooking, instructions were given that we were to listen out for the Ding, and a film was chosen to be watched.

The film was Skyline and was showing on Sky BoxOffice. The only problem was BoxOffice was not working, and just getting worse and worse to the point Skys Technical Support Line were called. And after ten minutes of dealing with the issue a correction procedure was dictated to PlanetPete to follow. And its kind of conforting to know, no matter what the problem you have is, no matter what kind of  technical support people are called, when it comes down to it the same solution is given “Have you tried turning it off and on again!

This procedure as always corrected the problem(ish) and we were able to watch Skyline, a film all about a group of people trying to stay out of the light, which was interesting as we later watched Tron: Legacy which is a film all about a group of people trying to get to the light.

A rather nice (And I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I get this wrong) Chicken, Bacon Pasta Bake? was eaten, Coke was drunk, and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Until it was time to leave, rob a bank to get the fund to fill up with diesel and make the return trip to Wales.

Thanks H & PlanetPete for a enjoyable evening.


Since Sunday was a lovely sunny day, and my father mentioned he was going to go for a ride on his bike to check it out after its winters storage, I decided to go along with him in a support vehicle. So it was almost a family day out, as my Sister & Niece were also along for the day.

We went to Bala lake, for ice cream and to enjoy the sun. Teggy was not spotted, but I was amused watching some man put his boat on its side to fit its mast more easily, and then start panicing as the boat filled with water.

We also visited the Ponderosa up at the Horseshoe Pass in time to get there as the local biker egg run was arriving. And I discovered some women can look hot while riding a big bike in a fluffy rabbit outfit (Maybe I need professional help?)

So all in all it was a good way to spend one of the first warm & sunny weekends we’ve had this year.