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Greetings & Salutations

You may have noticed we have had a large style change on the site. If you have not then I suggest you book an emergency eye test because this site now looks nothing like it did before.

The reason for this change was to fix a few bugs that were starting to pop up. You see the old site had been running on the same code none stop for almost 6 years. In that time there had been countless updates, bug fixes, tweaks, etc which had kept the site running. Unfortunately keeping it “just running” was getting harder and harder, and the bugs were getting bigger and slightly self aware.

To combat this threat. We wiped the site and rebuilt from new. So please be patient as we sort out any teething issues.

Thank you for your continued support

The Management!


Sep 10

Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown

Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown

Cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites, for profit. To fight back, let’s cover the web with symbolic “loading” icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers.

Are you in?

We here at the Ninja Temple are supporting this important issue. Which is why you saw a “Loading” page when you connected.

Help us spread the world, and keep the Net Free, Unrestricted, And speedy!!!

More Information can be found @

Hack The Planet
May 19

Happy 9th Birthday Three NInjas

Happy 9th Birthday to the “Three Ninjas” community.

Happy Birthday to us!

The Cake is not always a lie!


Sit tight dear reader while I give you the brief history of how we came about, and why were are celebrating today!

19th May 2005:

A couple of us in the office created LiveJournal accounts so we could keep up with what our friends were doing, and so we could post random gibbering’s online during the slower parts of the day to try and keep us sane. My account was under the name penddraig, and the first ever post I made can be found here entitled “First Entry

Our posts covered mostly the insanity of work, random thoughts & meme’s, and what we had been up too. Including a few funny themed posts like the “ICE phone scam“. Our little community grew with some constant interactions and comments from the same group of people.

8th January 2009:

With the sell off of LiveJournal to a Russian businessman, and the reported rumours it was closing down  reported here in “Livejournal” (Plus the niggling voice telling me as an IT person I should have my own hosted blog) I decided to start my own self-hosted Blog using WordPress as the core system. I therefore set up wordpress, imported all my old LiveJournal posts into the new Blog and was up running.

12th January 2009:

Before I’d even finished setting up my blog, a friend from the old LiveJournal days expressed an interest in moving away as well. After a beer fuelled discussion, we decided to have a group or community blog. So After much discussion we settled on a domain name, and the Three Ninjas blog became a reality.

So without that original set of LJ posts, this blog would never have been here. So please take a minute to wish us (and GothNinja in particular) a Happy Blog Birthday.

Apr 17


Hi loyal readers.

Just a quick post to say we are back up and running. “What? You did not notice we had gone away? for shame on you!

We have had a change of hosting providers. The new one is fast, stronger, newer, its the 6 million dollar hosting.


Feb 21

Guest Post – Introducing The Evil Goth Gnome

According to the Three Ninjas control panel/stat’s thing, this is actually post number 666. I know, a fear inspiring number right? Now since none of us wanted to actually write the post of the beast, we did the only thing we could think of. We got ourselves a Guest Blogger (of a sorts).

You may Remember Him from the funny post So, what’s the fox urine for?and for getting the blame in several post such as 12 in 12 – Month 3. That is right, The Evil Goth Gnome himself.

We should give you some history on the Gnome. He first showed up at the Ninja Temple Headquarters of the Three Ninjas one Christmas, after PlanetPete tried ridding himself of the Gnome’s evil influence, by giving him to us as a “Christmas Present”.

“I first met Evil Gnome  when he tried to persuade me to say evil things on-line to twitter. Although he seems a quiet individual, he reminds me off a viper sat awaiting to strike at feet passing by.”

PlanetPete 2013.

Since there he has been happily stalking about the HQ, plotting whatever it is that Gnome’s plot. And whispering evil suggestions to us. Which we have to date managed to resist complying with.

EGG: “That is what you think! I got you to give me access to this site didn’t I?”

GN: “That was our Idea”

EGG: “Oh, was it? Was it really? Hey WTF??? Why am I EGG???”

CN: “In chats we always use Initials, It’s not our fault you are an egg!”

EGG: *starts plotting*

Why is He called The Evil Goth Gnome?

Why is anything called what it is?


Gnome: Well He is basically a Garden Gnome.

EGG: “There is no such thing as ‘Basically a Garden Gnome’ We Gnome’s are the pinnacle of evolution. Have you seen those weeping angel things from Doctor who? We taught them that trick of becoming solid stone when watched!”

Goth: Because he is Monochrome, being a patchwork of black and white. Apart from he Orange boots. For some reasons even goth gnomes have the traditional orange boots.

EGG: “Hey, Leave the boots out of it. A Gnome is not a Gnome without his bright boots. We do not make fun of your mating habits, so leave the boots out of it.”

Evil: Because he is evil!

EGG: “You know what they say? ‘Evil is in the eye of the beholder’ and if you call me Evil again, it’ll be a pencil in the eye of the Ninja!”

So Constant Reader welcome our new Guest Blogger EvilGothGnome. And may heaven have mercy on your souls!

EGG: “Hey! That is not very Nice! You are giving the readers the wrong impression of me!”

I have been reminded to inform you that He is on “The Twitters” as @EvilGothGnome. And by Informed I mean i just had a post-it note stapled to my ankle.

Jul 26

Dear Reader

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series 100 Day Challenge 2012

Well the 100 Day Challenge is 1/4 of the way through and for my 25th bit of creativity I wrote a letter to you my dear constant reader.

Original post can be found here -=> 2012: Day: 25 – Dear Reader

Greetings and Salutations

I decided to write you a letter, and this is it. Yes this —-=> here <=—-

So… The letter… How shall I begin?…

Let me count the ways I could begin.

  1. Dear You
  2. Oi Mush
  3. Ewwo
  4. Greetings and salutations
  5. Time for tubby bye bye??

But all these ways are just academic since I started with Greetings and Salutations at the top of the sheet of paper… So. Big Fuck Off Opening… Dum-De-Dum… Right, The letter…

Nope. It’s Gone, I can’t think of anything to write. My mind is blank, its as empty as a big empty container that’s totally empty. In the words of the poet, “I’m hanging from a cobweb in my mind, and I’m staring at a long way down.” I know, I’ll sing to myself and see if that help.

(Short Break While We Sing The Halloween Song)

OK. Back. Did you miss me? I missed me, but I’ve reloaded now and I don’t plan to miss me with my next shot. Want to come to my funeral? You welcome to come, but you have to dress as a small furry rodent.

Woo. Page two. I really should start the letter now, there is only so much gibbering that I can put down before you’ll decide to kill me… and I know you. You will kill me, cos. you hate me, really hate me, killed my babies and everything. So, without further ado I’ll start the letter…

But before I do. I just got to share the lyrics that were just sung “One minute you’re a looker who looked, and the next you’re a hooker who’s hooked” they don’t make songs like that any more… Probably for a reason!!!

I was going to do this letter carrying on from the last set of comments, but how do you reply to an insane person… you are mad… your comments prove it… just total inane ramblings, hum? I can just do total insane ramblings.Yes! That’s it, this letter will contain not one piece of sense. So, all I need now is a topic matter, and I know just the way to get it.

(Pause In Letter As The Good Catholic Boy Author Goes To SMS Someone for a Topic)

Back again and I now have a topic to talk about, yes we will discus the merits of “Glow In The Dark Sunglasses” Now personally I think that’s a brilliant idea. We all know how great sunglasses are from protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. But a pair of sunglasses that protected the eyes from the harmful affects of glow in the dark stuff (Glow Sticks for example) well that would be a very handy thing for people to have, would make the world a much better place.  Forget Work! I’m going to make my fortune with “glow in the dark sunglasses”!!!

Bored Now!

Well it was a good idea, but I really was hoping you’d give me a topic that I could ramble on about for ages, but NO! You had to give me glow in the dark sunglasses! What am I supposed to do with an idea like that? I have no idea…

I really hope you can actually read this writing (please pretend I’m writing this to you with a real pen and everything. I feel it makes it more personal) cos. I’m not sure I can. Its like all scribbled up. Its spider scrawl, like a spider stepped into a tiny puddle of ink and walked all over a piece of paper leaving spider scribbles behind…

So. Big fuck off ending… how do we end, how do we start? That’s a bit deep and meaningful for this letter and especially this time of night so I’ll answer those and other questions like :-

  1. Who was that masked man?
  2. Is the Demonpengu an alien lifeform?
  3. Is the YoYoMan a lifeform?
  4. What is that strange growth there?
  5. Will I ever make sense?

Yes all these and other questions will be answered on the next instalment of “There’s nothing in wayne’s head”. Take care. You all drive safe, good night, and remember, if you’re in a different zip code it didn’t happen…

Yours in need of a new mind

Jul 11

100 Day Challenge – New Contestant

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series 100 Day Challenge 2012

Wow. We are not even a week into the challenge and we have grown to four Participants.

the YoYoMan himself has joined in late. We let him because he has been creatively working on the theme of a new website.

So a quick update of links :-


@GreatGothNinja  AKA Me, Myself & I =

@DemonPengu AKA DemonPenguin =

@Maguire_Pete AKA PlanetPete =

@ AKA YoYoMan =

Jun 28

100 Day Challenge – 2012

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series 100 Day Challenge 2012

Once again @DemonPengu and I have decided to fight the meh of Writers Block, Artistic Avoidance, and a general all round lack of enthusiasm in the Office with our own private 100 day challenge It’s not The 100 day challenge (Because we missed that again). This year we have a new participant @MaguirePete joining us in an attempt to restart the creative juices flowing. So a day was picked “The 1st of July” as Day 1: (Well this way it does not clash with NaNoWriMo or the run up to Christmas) and for the next 100 days we will be doing a creative thing a day.

As with The challenge the creative thing can be, drawings, art, poetry, writing, anything as long as its creative (and one piece a day)

So everyone wish me luck, and words of encouragement welcome, for I can not let the the others Win!

Note: It also helps that we are all “slightly” competitive over these things, and no one will want to be the first to fail, which will help encourage us to complete the challenge.

To save this blog getting spammed I have created a dedicated site for the challenge at I will (probably for the first few weeks then forget) post weekly updates on here, but the daily progress will be on the dedicated site.

Let Battle Commence

@DemonPengu’s Day 2011 awesome kickoff.

Jun 04

The Versatile Blogger Award

Turns out the Three Ninjas was given the “Versatile Blogger Award” by lovely author of such books as “Rebels of the 512” And fellow Ninja!!!

Now having the awesome honor that is this award, comes with a responsibility, because as we all know “With great power comes great responsibility!” (Editor: “I Know… I went there!!!”)

So the rules state I should nominate 15 blogs I enjoy reading  for this award. so here goes. (And these are in no fixed order)

Continue reading

Apr 26

The Three Ninjas inaugural Blogger of the Year Award

Welcome Dear Constant Reader to the Inaugural* Three Ninjas Award ceremony!**

In this our first set of awards, there is only One Category “Blogger of the Year” This award we will give to the person we vote as being the best blogger out there. Our team of craftsmen spent no expense in creating the physical award.

The nominations for “Blogger of the year are”

  1. Me
  2. Me
  3. Me

And the winner is…………*Drum Roll*………. ME!!!!

GN:Wow. guys!!!! I did not see this coming, I mean I was honored to be nominated, but never thought in a million years I would win.. Wow.. I’m like speechless……………………………man***

Me receiving my Award.

* Inaugural means first. M O O N that spells first ****

** Due to an interruption to the Insane Asylums Internet we were forced to find other ways to amuse ourselves.

*** In joke for people who get it

**** In Joke for King fans.