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Sometimes I am a Dick

*Phone rungs* Me: “Good afternoon, Insane Asylum!” Caller: “Hi. can I speak to Joan Crawshore please.” Me: “Who? Sorry no one of that name here.” Caller: “Sorry it’s who I have...

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Conversations with Support – Updated

This morning as I was in the Support Office attempting to dismantle a multimeter using a Swiss Army Key (Long story and totally Irrelevant here) the following conversation happened between OfficeBitch1 and myself. I should point...

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TheGovernor has recently Implemented a bizarre new security regime here at The Insane Asylum. This basically involved placing a “Hidden Camera” in the Padded Cell of YoYoMan. This may have seemed a Good idea at the...

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Madness, Total Fraking Madness

The Mental Asylum where I work is an ISP, we supply all the usual stuff, Hosting, Domains, Email, ADSL, Dial-UP, Phone lines, VoIP, PBX’s, Virtual Servers, Co-Lo’s, etc, etc.  And as such we have a reasonably busy...

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Why’s the Rum Gone?

So its Christmas, Well OK it’s not actually Christmas Day or anything, It is however the last working day at the Asylum. FREEEEEDOM!!!! Now in the current financial climate, with customers going Bust, People spending less,...

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Ghosts At The Insane Asylum

It seems the Insane Asylum is haunted, or we have the worlds weirdest burglars. Last night as i made my bid for freedom I left Gawain my trusty work desktop recompiling its kernel, and doing other re-compiles of parts of its OS....

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Violence has its place.

Today I was reminded why I make it a policy to be unarmed in the office.  The extra time needed to find a suitable weapon gives my temper time to loose its edge. And on days like today every second gained helps keep people...

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Some days are good!

In the velvet darkness, of the blackest sky All morning the skies above the Insane Asylum have been dark & brooding as we are sat under a Thunder Storm. Now this is not necessary a bad thing,  OK. So my dogs are outside...

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