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Sometimes I am a Dick

*Phone rungs* Me: “Good afternoon, Insane Asylum!” Caller: “Hi. can I speak to Joan Crawshore please.” Me: “Who? Sorry no one of that name here.” Caller: “Sorry it’s who I have...

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Customers are Special

So the other day the Support Guys were a bit confused over a request in the Ticketing system. Subject: Website URL’s Please could you set the following websites to point to IP www.******

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Funny Support Emails

Dear Constant Reader, I got into the Insane Asylum this morning to find the following email on your support system, and it was too amusing not to share 😉 Enjoy! F*cking iPhones. His iPad has exactly the same settings as his...

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Conversations with Support – Updated

This morning as I was in the Support Office attempting to dismantle a multimeter using a Swiss Army Key (Long story and totally Irrelevant here) the following conversation happened between OfficeBitch1 and myself. I should point...

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TheGovernor has recently Implemented a bizarre new security regime here at The Insane Asylum. This basically involved placing a “Hidden Camera” in the Padded Cell of YoYoMan. This may have seemed a Good idea at the...

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StopGo roadworks guy You owe me a Pint

Some time ago I wrote a post praising the good work done by StopGo men. I even doffed a pint to their hard but important work. The original post can be found here -=> “A thanks to the StopGo roadworks guy” I now...

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