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I live in Narnia

Last night I was visiting a friends Lodge in the deepest, darkest wilderness that is Cheshire, England. It was an enjoyable evening, right up to the end of the meal when I happened to check my phone and spot the following text...

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Saved by the Snowmen

After months and months of constant rain the country is about as water logged as it can be, for a while now it has only taken a couple of hours light rain to cause flooding all over the place. So with the ground already to...

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Snowmageddon – 2013

This slideshow requires JavaScript. UPDATE: I realised this blog had been getting a bit too wordy, and was lacking some images. So I thought I would share some of the images from Snowmagedon 2012 Gorram years changing on me.....

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Hurricane Katia 0: Ninja Temple 1

The start of this week saw parts of Wales hit with edges of Hurricane Katia, there was flooding, damage, cats and dogs raining from the sky, the four horsemen of the apocalypse started to saddle thier horses up ready to fly only...

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Schrodinger’s Snow

I have a new theory! R: “You say you have a new theory about the brontosaurus.?“ GN: “errr No. I said I had a new theory! nobody mentioned a brontosaurus.“ R: “Right, Got You… So What’s...

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So, what’s the fox urine for?

Snow… Snow… Snow… All I can see is snow.  The worlds covered in a thick blanket of fluffy white snow almost a foot deep. Now this was a beautiful and wondrous thing for the first few days, but now? After over a...

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Some days are good!

In the velvet darkness, of the blackest sky All morning the skies above the Insane Asylum have been dark & brooding as we are sat under a Thunder Storm. Now this is not necessary a bad thing,  OK. So my dogs are outside...

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