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Day of The Ninja

A Holiday we at Three Ninjas can finally get 100% behind. Day of the Ninja… (It helps if you say it in the tone of voice used on the title sequence of old 60s/70s B movies) What is Day of the Ninja? Well I’m glad you...

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This weapon is your life.

Well today I have discovered one of my greatest wishes has almost come true. Someone has built a working lightsaber. OK, I realise its not a real lightsaber as in the weapon of the Jedi and all that, But it will set fire and...

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Attack of the Deadly Dancers

This weekend I had a meeting with a representative of a local troupe of Belly Dancers (OI! get your mind out the gutter, I was not booking them for a private showing!) I was there in the guise of a possible...

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Demos & Dogs

Well Saturday went differently from planned. I was supposed to be taking part of a Martial Arts demo at a school fete on Saturday afternoon, but alas it was called off at short notice, so I found myself at a loose end… But...

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Petition Time

The proposed ban on the import, sale and manufacture of swords will have an adverse effect on legitimate practitioners, collectors and manufacturers. Actual sword related crime is very rare and does not warrant a ban that...

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T-3 Days

Well, 3days left in my challenge to post to LJ every day for a month, So thats 3 more posts left (2 if you count this one) I was just going to post a meme today, but alas my works internet connection has been going up and down...

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FCMA: Mind Melt

Arrrggghhh!!!! Last training session before sundays grade tests.. And we have a change, and not do any grade work, but start to learn a 28 move kata, and we don’t normally do katas…. It was nice to see everyones mind...

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MA Dvd’s

Well I finally got around to finding all the dvd’s and cd’s I have scattered about the place, and put them all in the same place, nicely stored in a metal dvd box… Now they all in one place I realise I have no...

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