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Camping Chaos

So My Niece went camping with her Guide Group the weekend. The woman in charge had been a guide leader for such a long time that she was actually the leader when my sister was in the guides. So she must have been running camping...

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The Pasta Dilemma

I thought I would share this incident that happened yesterday, since it has a happy ending, and I think on a Wednesday we need happy endings. Yesterday morning before I left to head to the Insane Asylum I popped over to my...

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Parents, Who’d have them?

Last week at a festive board there was a discussion on “kids, and the annoying requests they ask of you” The general opinion of the parents present was that in their days if you had a problem, like you broke down, or...

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Full House: What do I win?

Due to a very lucky (for me) set of events at the weekend I now have a PS3. (On top of having a XBOX 360, Wii, PS2, DS, Saga Mega Drive, etc.) My eldest Nephew decided to watch a film with his girlfriend Saturday night. He got...

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Who said Romance Was Dead?

You cant beat a “good ole family barn raising“. Well, technically there was No barn’s raised, Or any Barns at all really. And the closet thing to an Amish was a tall blond in skin-tight jodhpurs who walked past...

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Bloody Small Yappy Dogs!

While most of you were spending the weekend celebrating either “Valentines Day” or the “Chinese New Year” I was not celebrating, Not even Wales winning the Rugby could cheer me up. You see I had to get...

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