lowering the tone of Wrexham

On Wednesday The Leader published an article titled “Lap dancing club would ‘lower the tone’ of Wrexham

CONTROVERSIAL plans to open a lap dancing club in Wrexham could “lower the tone of the town”, an objector has said.
Wrexham Council’s environmental licensing committee is to meet next week to discuss an application to open Midnight Lounge above Penny Black in Abbot Street in the town centre.
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Basically there has been an application for a lap dancing club to be allowed to operate in Wrexham, and some councillors and church groups are worried that is will lower the tone of the town.

Lets consider that for a second since it takes a bit of getting used to. “Lowering the tone of Wrexham“?

This is Wrexham.  Soon to be Home of the UK’s first Super-Prison that no where else wanted because it would lower the value of wherever it is placed, would be a security risk, would have criminals let out on day passes (Yes, they have said that will happen). So Wrexham will be known as a Prison.

But there is more, Wrexham often appears on TV in the many identical shows where they send cameras out to capture the worst pubs, violent nightlife, or boozy bad places.

And now people are worried a lap dancing club will LOWER the tone of the town?

Madness I tell you.. Madness


_84270464_p_lorri_fullframe_colorNASA’s New Horizons spacecraft returned its first new images of Pluto on Wednesday, as the probe closes in on the dwarf PLANET.

GN: Yes it is a planet people, not a moon, not a Death Star, but a PLANET!!!!

One of the first photographs NASA released had a oddly shaped coloured patch covering a large chunk of pluto. You can see it in the bottom right of the photograph.

Does it look a bit familiar?


What if we oupluto_2outline the area a bit?

Now does the pattern remind you of anything?

Anything at all?

or Maybe anyone?





What if we add a bit of details to the outline?

Does that now look a bit like a dogs face?

A dog, or The Dog, Pluto


Damn you disney and your secret Space exploration and marketing departments!!!

You are the biggest graffitist of all time!!!

But well played… Well played indeed…


Happy We let you off the Reins to Join the Big Kids Day

toddler-reinsFour score and seven years ago, or in 1776 We decided that the young country of America had become old enough to trust not to run out in front of traffic, or try and play with dangerous animals and as such we took the reins off.

There comes a time in every parents life when you have to trust that your early guidance and teachings have given your offspring all the help they need to make their way in the world alone.

So the UK took off the training reins and watched as America took its first hesitant steps on it’s own. Yes there was a few stumbles and mishaps along the way. Several times America slipped and cut its hand or knee and UK wanted to pick it up and hold it safe.

“Maybe we should leave the reins on for a bit longer.”


But like all good parents we stayed back, Watching carefully and holding back our urges to guide and jump in at every hurdle. You have to trust your children will do the right thing.

I will say, America you grew up ok. Ok. you have made some really poor dating choices, and Looking at your teenage photographs “What were you wearing??” But all in all, you did well.

SO we here in the UK in general, and the Three Ninjas Temple in particular would like to wish you a Happy Anniversary of your First Steps without the Reins!!

Happy Independence Day.

Merry Midsummer

Just Wishing one and All A Happy *INSERT NAME OF CHOICE HERE* Day.

Summer Solstice @ Stonehenge

Summer Solstice @ Stonehenge

Remember on this day:-

In the words of Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a dick.”
In the words of nerdfighters, “Don’t forget to be awesome.”