You know whats better than Coffee? Right Free Coffee!

Published on: August 17, 2012
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Published on: August 17, 2012
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Yesterday I got home to find a package waiting for me. I’d like to say I calmly opened it to see what it contained but who am I kidding. I ripped it open like a child at Christmas.

Inside I found a Bag of coffee. But not any old coffee, no, a bag of Kopi’s Diamond Jubilee Special Edition coffee.

I’m looking forward to trying this later as the description sounds good (I‘ll post it at the bottom of this post) And it was very nice of the guys at KOPI to send me this, But I must admit their view of “A months supply of Coffee” does not quiet tally up with what we at the Ninja Temple consider a months supply.

But then again, maybe the average person does not mainline it with a IV feed.


Indian Plantation AA Little Flower

Mild, elegant flavours from one of India’s most prestigious plantations.

There’s no doubt Little Flower is an Indian Coffee. The Wet aroma is of molasses and toffee with a hint of cinnamon, and there’s a slight tamarind sharpness to the finish.

Time to get the pot on…..


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