Happy 6th Birthday Three NInjas

Published on: May 19, 2011
Categories: Blog, Friends, LiveJournal
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Published on: May 19, 2011
Categories: Blog, Friends, LiveJournal
Comments: 2 Comments

Well technically The Three Ninjas in its current format celebrated its second birthday on 12th January, but the Livejournal which started it all off, and who’s posts were exported onto here is six years old today.

Sit tight dear reader while I give you the brief history of how we came about, and why were are celebrating today!

19th May 2005:

A couple of us in the office created LiveJournal accounts so we could keep up with what our friends were doing, and so we could post random gibbering’s online during the slower parts of the day to try and keep us sane. My account was under the name penddraig, and the first ever post I made can be found here entitled “First Entry

Our posts covered mostly the insanity of work, random thoughts & meme’s, and what we had been up too. Including a few funny themed posts like the “ICE phone scam“. Our little community grew with some constant interactions and comments from the same group of people.

8th January 2009:

With the sell off of LiveJournal to a Russian businessman, and the reported rumours it was closing down  reported here in “Livejournal” (Plus the niggling voice telling me as an IT person I should have my own hosted blog) I decided to start my own self-hosted Blog using WordPress as the core system. I therefore set up wordpress, imported all my old LiveJournal posts into the new Blog and was up running.

12th January 2009:

Before I’d even finished setting up my blog, a friend from the old LiveJournal days expressed an interest in moving away as well. After a beer fuelled discussion, we decided to have a group or community blog. So After much discussion we settled on a domain name, and the Three Ninjas blog became a reality.

So without that original set of LJ posts, this blog would never have been here. So please take a minute to wish us (and GothNinja in particular) a Happy Blog Birthday.

Happy Birthday to us!

The Cake is not always a lie!

  • Constant Reader

    Happy Birthday.

    • Penddraig AKA GothNinja

      Thanks We here at the Temple appreciate you guys, so its a birthday for us all.


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